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Konstantinos Batsiolas

Konstantinos Batsiolas

Constantinos Batsiolas was born in 1979 and originates from Chalastra Thessaloniki. He is married and has a daughter. He lives in Thessaloniki. Constantinos is a tutor, teaching ancient and modern Greek in private education. He has studied History-Ethnology (DUTH) , Theology (AUTH) and has done postgraduate studies in church history (AUTH). He can speak English and Italian. He has attended seminars on Ηistory, Τheology and Media. In his birthplace, Chalastra, Konstantinos has been engaged in various social and political activities, participated in local associations and regional government. Moreover, he has given many speeches on historical topics and was a member of the organizing committee of the People's University of Delta municipality. He has written articles in magazines (printed and online) and is an editor at polispost και websites.

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